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Frequently Ask Questions

Q: How does your company operate?

A: We operate as a private shuttle service. We do not provide a shared ride van service. Our vans or sedans are solely for our clients only and you choose your pickup time.

Q: Is your company licensed?

A:Yes! We are fully licensed company with the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) and met all General Highway Safety Requirements. Our permit number is on display at our website home page.

Q: Is your company insured?

A: Yes! We are fully insured. Without adequate insurance, permit cannot be issued by the California Public Utility Commission.

Q: Does your company operate at the airports?

A: Yes! So far we are permitted to operate at the Los Angeles Int’l Airport (LAX) and the Long Beach Airport (LGB). For John Wayne Airport (SNA), Ontario Airport (ONT), & Burbank Airport (BUR) we can only drop off passengers (no arrival pickup).

Q: How does your company accept payment?

A: We accept cash & all major credit cards only. Cash can be paid to our drivers and a receipt will be issued upon request. Credit cards payment can be made online, or over the phone.

Q: How does your company operate?

A: We operate as a private shuttle service. We do not provide a shared ride van service. Our vans or sedans are solely for our clients only and you choose your pickup time.

Q: How does your company quote passengers?

A: Our clients are quoted based on distance traveled for a trip to & from airports, or time of use for a point to point non airport service, or a combination of both. For a minivans service to & from airports, 1 to 2 passengers pays one flat rate, additional guest pays $8.00 each for a total of 7 passengers. Luxury sedans rates are based on service, or time of use and the maximum passengers is three (3). Have questions about prices, or hourly charter, email us info@cheapshuttleexpress.com.

Q:Does your company operate a fixed rate policy?

A: WeOur client does not pay more than the quoted price. Our rates are much reasonable than taking a cab to & from the airports. But for all arrival passengers there is a $5.00 arrival terminal access fee added to the fare during reservation. Note: This does not apply to departures.

Q:How soon do I need to make my reservation?

A:Our recommendation is 24hours before your pickup time. If it is a last minute travel, please call our dispatch at 1-310-676-6700.

Q: How do I reserve online?

A: Our online reservation process is user friendly. But if you have the need to speak to one of our agents, you can reserve your pickup over the phone 24/7 at 1-310-676-6700 or 1-877-829-4998.

Q:If more than 8 passengers, how can I reserve a shuttle?

A: We can cater for any numbers of passengers. We have in our fleet full-size vans that can accommodate up to 10 passengers at a time with lots of room for luggage. For over 8 passengers, contact us for a price quote. Please see our vehicle capacity for details.

Q: What if my flight is delayed? Will I be charged extra?

A:We track & monitor arriving flights before our drivers are dispatched to the airport, as a result we do NOT charge our clients extra fee in case of a delayed flight. On the other hand if your flight is arriving early or on time, rest assured we will be there once you have your luggage.

Q: Upon arrival where do your clients meet your drivers after baggage claim?

A: Airport procedure to meet your driver is detailed in the reservation page and also stated in your email confirmation. Arrival pickup at the curbside is a passenger(s) with cell phone contact; they will call our dispatch when they’re ready with their bags outside the baggage claim area. For example if you arrived on United Airline flight (Terminal 7 at LAX), you will be advise to stand under the over head sign that read "United Express" this makes it easier for our driver to locate you more quickly.

Q: What if I can't locate my driver?

A:In case you cannot locate your driver, please call our dispatch at 1-310-676-6700 or 1-877-829-4998 give the agent your name and confirmation number he or she will be able to assist you.

Q: Does your company provide a 24 hour service?

A: Yes! We provide a 24hour service 7days a week. We can pick you up at your home or hotel anytime of the day and if your flight arrived at 3:00 AM we will be there to pick you up at the arrival terminal. Also, we do not charge extra for traffic delays in the city.

Q: What if my flight is early or delayed?

A:We check flight status and we do NOT charge our clients if your flight is delayed. But we do ask to contact us if your flight is delayed more than 1hour, cancelled, or if there is any other changes.

Q: Does your company provide Arrival Meet & Greet service?

A:Yes! We provide meet & greet service to our clients upon request. Arrivals meet & greet at the baggage claim area. Our driver will meet our clients with their last name on a sign. This is helpful especially for international passengers, visitors, passengers without cell phone contact, & those that might need assistance with their luggage. It takes the anxiety and confusion away knowing that someone will meet you at baggage claim area. Note: There is a $10.00 charge for the service.

Q:Are there any additional costs?

A: Waiting time 45minutes for all domestic flights arrival, after the first 45minutes every additional 20minutess, a $10.00 fee will be added to the fare. For international arrivals, a 1 hour free waiting period then every additional 20minutes, a $10.00 fee will be added to the fare.

Q:Do I need to pay in advance for my reservations?

A: Yes! In order to confirm your reservation, a credit card payment is required. All major credit cards and debit cards accepted. Credit card payment can be made online, or over the phone.

Q: Does your company provide Child Safety Seats?

A:Yes! Upon request car seats and booster seats are available for a $10.00 fee per car seat. It is a requirement for children 5 years & under is secured in a child restraint seat anytime they are traveling in our vehicle. Any questions please contact our main office at 1-310-676-6700.

Q: Can I travel with my pet in your vehicles?

A: Yes! Pet can travel with their companion in a pet kennels (zipped or closed kennels) and a maximum of two pets is allowed in our vehicle.

Q: Does your company charge extra for luggage?

A: We strictly follow airlines rules and guidelines when it comes to luggage. We allow two (2) checked pieces of baggage per paying passengers. Oversized or Excessive luggage for example, but not limited to fishing gears, golf clubs, surf boards, overweight bags etc, a $15.00 fee will be added to the fare.

Q:How can I cancel my reservation?

A: Call to cancel your reservations if your travel plans changes, at least 4 hours prior to your pickup time. If reservation was made online send email to reservations@cheapshuttleexpress.com along with your confirmation number to cancel. We will be glad to give you a full refund. Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds for reservations cancelled less than 4 hours notice to your pickup time or in case of a No-Show. Refunds back to your credit cards may take 2 to 3 business days.

Q:What training do your drivers have?

A: Our drivers goes through the safety required training during the hiring process, this include extensive background checks and drug test for the safety of our clients. All our drivers have a minimum of twelve years driving experience in Southern California and they are familiar with the traffic conditions in Los Angeles.